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4 small habits that lead to a happier life 

By Logan | 7 May 2024

Achieving a happy and fulfilling life is a journey worth embarking on. It’s not about grand gestures or monumental changes; often, it’s the small habits that make the biggest difference. Here are four simple yet impactful tips to help you…

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Why writing down your feelings can make a difference 

By Jasper | 7 May 2024

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s all too easy to get swept away by the chaos around us. Between work deadlines, family obligations, and social commitments, our minds can become cluttered with a whirlwind of thoughts and…

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Hot water bottle Is good for body and mind

By Jasper | 30 April 2024

The age-old practice of using a hot water bottle is much more than just a traditional household tool. It turns out that a hot water bottle not only provides warmth on cold winter nights but also offers numerous benefits for…

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Unveiling your character: what your birth month reveals about you 

By Charlotte | 26 April 2024

Astrology and birth months have long been associated with personality traits and characteristics. While the concept may not have a scientific basis, it’s intriguing to explore how our birth month could potentially influence aspects of our character. In this blog,…

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Unlocking the magic of the golden triangle 

By Eva | 23 April 2024

Have you heard of the golden triangle? It’s not a mystical land or a secret society – it’s a trio of gemstones renowned for their unique properties that complement each other in a harmonious blend. Let’s delve into what the…

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How to deal with your phone addiction

By Laura | 16 April 2024

Scrolling for hours on Instagram, we’ve all caught ourselves doing it. But have you noticed that you can’t put your phone down? Then, it might be time to take action. Why is your phone so addictive? App and website developers…

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This is why your muscle mass decreases as you age

By Chris | 10 April 2024

You’re doing everything to maintain your muscles. You eat healthily and exercise daily, but still, your muscle mass decreases as you get older. This is inevitable as we all age, but why does this happen? Muscle mass decreases with age:…

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The power of receiving a thank you 

By Kimberly | 9 April 2024

As children, we’re taught the importance of saying “thank you” when we receive something or when we’ve been allowed to play at a friend’s house. The act of saying “thank you” is far more significant than we may realize. Curious…

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Morning vs. evening showering 

By Lily | 2 April 2024

Showering every day has more impact on your body than you might think. But does it matter whether you shower in the morning or evening? Some people jump right in when they wake up, while others prefer to go to…

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The reason why friendships can fade away

By Charlotte | 21 March 2024

eryone has experienced it at some point: a friendship that has faded. It can be difficult to let go at times, but it’s also okay because both parties move on to the next phase of their lives. Friendships can fade…

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7 clear signs of a successful relationship 

By Kimberly | 12 March 2024

Building a successful relationship is a beautiful journey that requires effort, understanding, and commitment from both partners. While no relationship is perfect, there are certain signs that indicate a healthy and thriving connection between two people. In this blog, we…

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5 Types of Insomnia Hidden in Your Character

By Laura | 5 March 2024

Research has shown a connection between insomnia and your character. Curious about how and what? We have investigated it for you. Types of Insomnia Thanks to multiple volunteers and individuals from the sleep registry, the research has revealed that there…

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