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About us 

Fit at Home is the #1 sports app in Europe. The platform offers over 1.000 workouts for the whole family. Founded to make health and exercise as easy and accessible as possible for everyone. You no longer just exercise outdoors or at the gym, but also move safely at home in front of your TV. Together with a highly skilled personal trainer, you get started to get and stay active whenever it suits you. The #1 sports app in Europe is available on demand in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, and Spain via Virgin Media, KPN, Ziggo, Delta, Caiway, Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony Android TV, and online via the web. Additionally, at Fit at Home, you can also find your entire well-being through meditations, self-defense classes, physiotherapy, dietetics, and more. 

Our founder & CEO of Fit at Home is none other than Singer and Musical Star Antje Monteiro. Fit at Home was born from her own need: 

“I was once a single mother of my, now famous, daughter Romy Monteiro and couldn’t arrange a babysitter for every workout session. That’s why, at that time, I did workouts of famous supermodels via the DVD player. When my daughter grew up, I started working with a personal trainer but still missed exercising from home. I wanted to be able to decide on the day whether or not I wanted to be active and at what time, just when it suits me and no one is watching. Eventually, the DVD player disappeared from my life, as it did from many. After all, now we watch everything on demand. But I couldn’t really find a good alternative for the workouts via television. That’s why there’s Fit at Home now. The Netflix of home workouts. Easy, accessible, and affordable for everyone. Whether you have a busy family, are a single mother, or don’t want to leave the house to exercise, work out at home in front of the screen!” 

 –  Antje Monteiro


Fit at Home came to light with a modest soft launch in the Netherlands, laying the foundations for what would become a leading fitness platform. In October 2018, Fit at Home officially went live and became accessible to users via KPN and Ziggo, significantly expanding its reach. In 2019, Fit at Home reached a new level of accessibility by becoming available on Smart TVs from leading brands such as Samsung, Philips, and LG, not only in the Netherlands but also in Belgium. Additionally, the platform evolved by adding new workouts, including Meditation & Fit, Fit with Music, and EMS & Fit, allowing us to offer our users a more diverse training selection.

In January 2020, we launched our own lifestyle magazine, filled with engaging interviews with both famous and unknown personalities from the Netherlands and Belgium, focusing on health and lifestyle. Meanwhile, work was underway on the Fit at Home phone app. To give users more control over their goals, we launched the Fit at Home app in December 2020, allowing users to track their progress weekly and pursue their goals.

The year 2021 began with a fresh start for Fit at Home, with a renewed brand identity and an entirely new website. Fit at Home continued its international growth by becoming available in the United Kingdom and Spain via Smart TVs from Samsung, Philips, and LG. A new dimension was added with Fit at Home Health & Lifestyle, presenting daily articles on health, nutrition, body & mind, exercise, beauty, and recipes.

Fit at Home continued to innovate in 2022 with new workouts, including Strength & Fit and Abdominal Quarter, to meet the diverse needs of its users. Also, our supplement line underwent an upgrade, allowing us to offer a wide range of products that cater to different needs, from weight loss to skincare.

Fit at Home reached a milestone in March 2023 by going live internationally on Virgin Media in the United Kingdom, as the first fitness app launched by Virgin Media. In June, Fit at Home expanded its reach by becoming available on Android TV, which users can easily download via the Google Play Store. As a special partner of Samsung Health, Fit at Home took over the ‘Challenges’ in September on the Samsung Health platform in the UK, US, and Canada, prominently presenting its challenges.

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