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Tips for a morning without rushing 

By Logan | 17 October 2023

A morning without rushing around to get everything done before your day might seem like a dream or rare occurrence for you but there are some steps you could put in place to help ease the morning madness. It may…

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Why weight fluctuation can be bad for your brain 

By Logan | 16 September 2023

You know the feeling: you lose a couple of pounds (lbs), and the next time you step on the scales, you have somehow put even more weight back on. You fluctuate in weight and mood. When you gain some weight,…

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Unveiling the language of kisses: decoding their meaning 

By Logan | 14 July 2023

Kissing is a universal expression of affection, passion, and connection. From stolen pecks to lingering embraces, kisses carry a vast spectrum of emotions and intentions. In this blog, we delve into the captivating world of kisses and explore the meanings…

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