The power of sea air 

When the weather is nice, what better place to head than to the beach or coast – Who doesn’t enjoy a day by the sea? Well good news, sea air is excellent for your health, and below we have done all the hard work to tell you why. 

Inhaling sea air 

Do you have high cholesterol? Inhaling sea air can help to counteract high cholesterol levels.But not only that, some research has shown that it can also help fight cancer. Sea air interacts with human genes linked to lung cancer and cholesterol and can help hold them back from progressing. 

Sounds of the sea 

Your brain is constantly busy registering the sounds you hear throughout the day. It could be the phone ringing or your work emails pinging; whatever it is, your brain is constantly analysing whether that sound is safe or highlighting danger. When you hear natural sounds, like the sea, your brain immediately recognises it as a safe sound – helping you to switch off and be present instead of feeling alert and riled up.  

Swimming in the sea 

Lying on the beach is fantastic, but swimming in the sea also has many benefits. 

Boost your sex life 

Taking a dip in the sea can have a positive effect on your sex life. When you take a refreshing dive, both men and women experience a significant increase in their testosterone and estrogen levels, respectively. You know what they say, sun, sea and s…, we won’t go there, but a day at the beach could help your performance in bed as well as all of its many other benefits. 

Helps alleviate pain 

Swimming in cold water causes a sudden burst of adrenaline in your body, and that adrenaline can help you to forget any pain or niggles that you might be having. You should see the sea as a natural painkiller. So, the next time you dip your toes in a cold body of water or even a plunge pool – go the full way in. We dare you.  

Skin conditions 

The sea is naturally salty, and that has a positive effect on your skin. The water helps your skin retain moisture, and it can help improve eczema in children. Who doesn’t love to have soft skin? 


Are you someone who suffers from hay fever? Then you definitely want to head to the sea as it can help reduce hay fever symptoms. The water is seen as a saline solution and could therefore reduce the impact of those annoying allergies and any itching or that runny nose that just won’t stop.  

Not like you needed an excuse to head down to your local beach, but the sea has so many benefits. So, put on your swimwear and take a dive! 

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