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By Luc | 14 November 2023

Almost everyone experiences nightmares at some point. They can be incredibly distressing! But what exactly is a nightmare, and how do you recognise one in yourself?  What is a nightmare?  Nightmares are vivid dreams with a highly negative tone. The…

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Olive oil in your hair? Give it a try! 

By Luc | 27 October 2023

Even as far back as 4000 BC, people were using olive oil. Initially, it was mainly used in the kitchen, but later, it found its way into hair care. But is olive oil good for your hair, and can you…

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The benefits of a well-trained pelvic floor 

By Luc | 20 September 2023

Training the pelvic floor muscles is often recommended after pregnancy. But did you know that training these muscles regularly has benefits beyond postpartum recovery? Those benefits include better posture, and for some, it also significantly boosts their sex life –…

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The braids you have to try and how to do them

By Luc | 4 August 2023

If you want to spice up your look from the simple but classic three-strand braid, check out the below; you won’t be disappointed. If you often wear your hair up or are bored of your go-to look, why not try…

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