5 ways to relieve stress 

Stress can quickly become a part of your daily life. It is bothersome and unhealthy, especially when it becomes chronic. So, addressing, and alleviating stress as early as possible is essential. To help you combat your stress and keep your levels low, the editorial team has shared 10 tips below that are sure to work quickly. 

1) Physical activity or exercise: Moving or exercising is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress. It can be as simple as going for a long walk or hitting the gym. If you really need to destress, physical activity outdoors can help achieve a greater sense of relaxation and help clear your mind. The more you can spot your stress triggers and substitute them with a workout or some form of physical activity, your stress levels will reduce, you will build your resilience, and be less prone to experiencing it in the long run. 

2) Listen to your favourite music: When you’re feeling stressed, it can be a good idea to listen to your favourite music (you could combine this with point one and work out to your favourite songs). Creating a playlist of songs to help you mellow out can help bring you joy and relaxation. 

3) Express gratitude: The third tip is to express gratitude, which can be done verbally or in writing. You can do this by stating out loud what you’re grateful for or jotting down your gratitude in a diary, journal, or even on your phone. Consider doing this for three things. You can do this daily or weekly to start with; it will help you realise what matters in life and why getting worked up over certain things is unnecessary. 

4) Watch a series or movie: The fourth way to help alleviate stress is to watch a TV series or movie you love, giving you that feel-good factor. Not only does this help to distract you from what is causing you stress, but it also allows you to catch up on that show or watch that movie you have been meaning to. Our editorial team has permitted you to binge your favourite show the next time you feel stressed – pure guilt-free enjoyment. 

5) Yoga or meditation: Yoga or meditation can also help you relax and significantly reduce your stress levels. Joining a yoga class, self-practice, or partaking in meditation will help you unwind and encourage a more relaxed breathing pattern – these are crucial in times of stress. 

We hope the above steps help you the next time you start to feel stress creep in and remember these tips are not exclusive to when you feel stressed. Try and implement them in your daily or weekly schedule to help improve your health, clear your mind, and enter the week with greater body awareness. 

Challenge: Try and schedule a moment every day to do something from the above list (or any other activity that helps you relax). After all, you can only be productive if you take enough time to relax. 

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