Unexpected calorie burners! 

Are you someone who often says that they are “getting in shape for summer” or adds ‘exercise more’ to your New Year’s resolutions list? These are both good things if you follow through; however, individuals often seem to fall short of that goal or forget about it entirely because they can’t find the time to prioritise them. Well, don’t worry, you are not alone! We have created a list of seven unexpected calorie burners for you. This way, you’ll be busy burning calories without even realising it! 

#1 Relaxing 

You might think it’s impossible to burn calories while relaxing, but nothing could be further from the truth. Sitting in front of the TV for an hour burns about 65 calories. You can burn even more calories by not using a remote control and standing up and walking over to the TV to change the channel manually if your TV allows it and if you fancy the extra challenge. Enjoy channel surfing! 

#2 Brushing your teeth 

Ever feel unmotivated to brush your teeth? You may find more motivation knowing that two minutes of toothbrushing burns 5.7 calories. It’s not a huge amount, but every little bit helps! 

#3 Cleaning 

Most people don’t enjoy cleaning, but it’s actually a great workout! Plus, your housemates or partner will be very happy with you after you have given the place a good clean.  

  • 30 minutes of dusting (80 calories) 
  • 30 minutes of vacuuming (120 calories) 
  • 30 minutes of ironing (75 calories) 
  • 15 minutes of mopping (70 calories) 

Want to take it to the next level? Cleaning the inside and outside of a car will keep you busy for about 2 hours and burns a whopping 500 calories! 

#4 Hosting a dinner 

You’re always busy as a host, which naturally burns calories. If you cook and set the table for about 38 minutes, you’ll burn around 100 calories. 

#5 Shopping 

Yes, here’s another good reason to go shopping! Shopping is actually great if you want to lose weight. Walking around all day and carrying bags are the real calorie burners. Just half an hour of shopping burns 100 calories. Of course, the heavier the bags, the more calories you’ll burn. So go all out! 

#6 Using the restroom 

Yes, you even burn calories on the toilet. Make yourself comfortable with your phone or a magazine and burn 1 calorie per minute. 

#7 Sleeping 

Isn’t sleeping for lazy people? Not at all! An average night’s sleep of about 8 hours burns around 400 calories. 

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