These are the benefits of a foam roller and how to use it 

The foam roller is a popular massage tool. It is perfect for warming up and massaging your muscles after a challenging workout. It can really help to work out any niggles you may have and provide a deep tissue massage to isolated areas. 

Overactive muscles 

A foam roller is a perfect way to address overactive muscles. Overactive muscles are muscles that don’t really relax. This can be due to multiple factors like stress and unbalanced training. Overactive muscles can lead to persistent cramps that don’t go away, so make sure you have your foam roller to hand. 

Warming up and cooling down  

A foam roller is great to use pre-work to help warm up your muscles. Not only will it help to loosen your muscles before training, but it also helps to increase your breathing and heart rate, which improves the blood flow to your muscles and provides them with more nutrients and oxygen.  

If you are planning a particularly challenging or long workout, a foam roller is the perfect thing to use to get the most out of your session. You can also use the foam roller for cooling down after your training. Using a foam roller after your workout will accelerate muscle recovery and improve the removal of waste products. 

How to use the foam roller 

Relax the hamstrings 

Sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you. Place the foam roller under your buttocks. Then, place your hands on the floor behind you to support yourself. Roll from your knees to your buttocks. You can make this exercise more challenging by crossing one leg over the other and rolling one leg at a time. 

Make your plank or push-up more intense 

If you find push-ups easy or are a pro at planking, try placing the foam roller under your feet or hands. This will make the exercise more challenging and work on your balance. 

Smooth shoulders 

Start sitting on the floor and place the foam roller behind you. Lower yourself down, ensuring the foam roller is positioned under your shoulder blades. Lift your hips off the ground to apply pressure to your back. Roll slowly up and down to loosen up your back. 

Relax the glutes 

Place the foam roller under your buttocks and sit on it. Cross one ankle over the other leg to maintain balance more easily. Lean on your hands on the ground and roll back and forth. 

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