Smoothie vs. Fresh fruit 

Smoothies come in all colours, from green to pink, with fresh strawberries or bananas and can be something you make yourself or can grab in your local supermarket. Smoothies are incredibly delicious and healthy, or are they? We’ve done the hard work for you and investigated all things smoothie. 

Less satiating 

When you drink a smoothie made with fresh fruit, it can be harder to notice whether you are genuinely full. This is because you don’t have to chew it, and you can quickly drink it. A smoothie is less filling compared to eating whole, fresh fruit. 

Higher sugar content in smoothies 

A positive characteristic of fruit is that it contains many nutrients and vitamins. However, some of these benefits are lost when you have a smoothie. Smoothies contain higher sugar content because blending the fruit leads to some loss of nutrients, and often, several fruits are needed to get the portion size. Therefore, a smoothie has fewer health benefits than a piece of fruit. 

Benefits of a smoothie 

  • It is super easy to make 
  • It helps maintain your hydration balance 
  • It is easily digestible 
  • It provides energy 
  • It boosts your immune system 

Drawbacks of a smoothie 

  • Drinking it quickly raises your blood sugar levels 
  • Using sweet fruits makes your smoothie less healthy 
  • Blending causes a loss of nutritional value 
  • It is not a substitute for consuming fruits and vegetables 

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