Preventing odour in your refrigerator! 

You know the feeling when you open the refrigerator to grab some food, and then ‘that’ smell hits you and instantly kills your appetite – it can be really unpleasant! In this article, the editorial team explains why those odours occur and how you can prevent them. 

Properly seal products 

The first reason for having a smelly refrigerator is not correctly closing or sealing (fresh) products. It’s not wise to leave products with open packaging in the refrigerator. Additionally, it’s important to seal fresh products in bags or containers. If you neglect this, it can make your refrigerator dirty, indirectly causing unpleasant odours. This especially applies to strongly flavoured products. Leakage from these products almost always leads to foul smells. 

What if it already smells? 

But the above tip may not be very helpful if your refrigerator already stinks. So, if your refrigerator already has a bad smell, we have some handy tips to eliminate the odour: 

Thorough cleaning 

If you have a smelly refrigerator, start by thoroughly cleaning it. Make sure to remove anything that could be causing the odour. Clean everything, remove the shelves, and scrub the refrigerator from top to bottom. Remember to clean all the compartments and door shelves, and make sure you do not miss anything. 


The first tip is to pour vinegar down the drain of your refrigerator and also place a bowl or cup filled with vinegar inside the refrigerator. Vinegar is a good cleanser and can help eliminate or prevent unpleasant odours. 

Tea bag 

Placing a used tea bag on a saucer in your refrigerator can also help. Make sure the tea bag is dry. Tea bags have the ability to absorb foul odours in the refrigerator. 

By following these tips, you can keep your refrigerator smelling fresh and clean. Enjoy your meals without any unpleasant surprises! 


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