The effect of coffee on your skin 

A delightful cup of coffee in the morning to kickstart your day, why not? It makes you more alert and gives you that instant awake feeling in the morning. But can coffee also result in poorer skin?

Effect on your skin: 

Coffee has a somewhat similar effect to alcohol and salt. It tends to dehydrate us, leading to reduced skin hydration, which may manifest on your skin. 

Spots and acne:

Coffee may not be the main cause of acne or spots, but it can make them worse. Coffee can induce a stress response in your body, subsequently causing increased oil and sebum production. 

What do you add to your coffee? 

Besides caffeine, many people also add sugar and milk to their coffee. Both additions can contribute to skin issues. Both sugar and milk have characteristics that may increase the likelihood of acne. Sugar can also contribute to quicker wrinkle formation, reducing skin elasticity and resulting in a dull appearance. If you drink coffee, it’s best to have it black. 

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