Eczema and sugar 

Sugar has been attributed to many things lately. Although there is a relationship between the amount of sugar you consume and your health, you cannot blame sugar for every condition, especially not eczema. 


Eczema and sugar are not as closely related as most people think. Often, a relationship is assumed between allergies and eczema. The cause of eczema rarely lies in food, although symptoms of eczema may appear if you are allergic to certain foods. 

Allergic to sugar? 

You can be allergic to many products, but oddly enough, not to sugar. Allergies are usually a response of the body to foreign proteins. Sugar does not contain proteins. Sugar consists entirely of carbohydrates. Therefore, a skin reaction to sugar is not possible. 

Less sugar is better… duhh 

You probably already knew this, but consuming too much sugar is unhealthy. Soft drinks, sweets, pastries, and cookies especially provide us with a significant amount of sugar. Sugar is also added to many products to enhance their taste or prolong their shelf life. 

You often unknowingly consume a high amount of sugar. It turns out that 21 per cent of our diet consists of sugar. Food with a low percentage of sugar is healthier. By eating healthily, you support your immune system and your skin’s barrier function. A low-sugar diet allows more room for foods rich in vitamins and minerals, which are necessary to keep your skin healthy. While it won’t cure eczema, it does make it easier for your skin. 

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