Struggles with lipstick 

Do you always have three lipsticks in your bag for touch-ups, or only leave the house wearing lipstick? Then, you’ll immediately recognise these typical struggles. 

Lipstick on your teeth: 

This is a struggle that every lipstick wearer has experienced at least once. Deep down, you know it could happen, but we often forget to check if it’s on our teeth. So, you need to smile in the mirror a bit more often. 

Colour stress: 

You probably have 20 different lipstick shades, yet you often need help choosing the right colour for the day. But it could also be that you automatically reach for the same colour every time. You feel like you don’t have many options, even though you keep picking the same shade. 

Eating and drinking is a challenge: 

Once you’ve chosen the perfect colour for the day, you still have to eat and drink. Ideally, you’d drink through a straw and eat something the size of a sushi roll, but unfortunately, you can’t always do that. 

It seems so simple: 

Have you seen a nice tutorial where the lips look absolutely perfect, and you want to try it yourself? You’ve gathered all the necessary items and are ready to go. But it doesn’t look as good when it’s on your lips, or is it more complicated than you thought to execute the look? In those videos, it always seems so simple until you try it yourself. 

Lipstick for every situation: 

You already have so many lipstick shades, often different for every occasion. And you probably frequently say that you don’t have enough lipstick, even though you already have three shades of red but still want a fourth. 

These lipstick struggles are likely familiar to you because, let’s face it, who doesn’t face struggles when wearing lipstick? 

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