Open relationship, does it work? 

You may know someone in an open relationship; for some, it’s quite normal, but for others, not so much. Can an open relationship make you happy, and how do you determine if it’s for you? We explain it all to you.   

An open relationship 

In an open relationship, you agree with your partner to date others outside the partnership. Having an open relationship is a monogamous form of a relationship. Together with your partner, you consciously opt for an open relationship.   

Every open relationship is different. A couple may choose only an emotional relationship with others, but you can also choose a romantic or slightly erotic relationship with others. Still, other couples choose to have sexual relations with others as well.   

Does an open relationship make you happy? 

Being in a relationship can be an important part of your life. Aside from having a roof over your head and sharing a home with your partner, eating, and drinking in a relationship are essential to your happiness. You want to feel cherished and want nothing more than security in your relationship.   

You may feel less pressure to find the perfect partner if you’re in an open relationship. This is because you have multiple partners who satisfy your needs. You are less likely to be disappointed in a partner and do not feel the need to end the relationship because someone is not perfect enough.  

5 signs that an open relationship is something for you 

Thinking about whether you are open to an open relationship is not crazy. If you are seriously considering an open relationship, there are several things you should consider. Below, you can read several signs tshowingthat an open relationship is really for you.   

  • You are both open to non-monogamy  
  • You can handle jealousy well  
  • Your relationship is built on honesty and trust  
  • You have made good agreements that you both support  
  • You and your partner both have different desires 

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