Let’s talk about sex! The kind of sex that has the power to make you happiest

No small talk, just casual, enjoyable sex! That is the type of sex that brings the most happiness. But why is that? We’ve researched for you. 

Casual sex 

Research has shown that engaging in casual sex makes people the happiest. When you have casual sex, there’s no fuss; it’s just an enjoyable time for both parties. You develop more of an emotional connection with your partner at that moment. And hey, even if you have a partner, you could roleplay a passionate night of ‘casual sex.’. 

Regularly having casual sex can lead to reduced stress and better emotional well-being. How great is that? 

Men vs. women in casual sex 

It’s not just men or just women who enjoy casual sex. Both parties can derive enjoyment from casual sex. Engaging in sexual activity is beneficial for your health, body, and mind. It can make you radiate with joy, boost your self-confidence, and even improve your sleep. There are so many advantages to it! 

The 10 commandments of casual sex! 

  1. Know what you’re getting into. 

With casual sex, the focus is primarily on the sex itself – it’s not intended for you to develop romantic feelings for the other person. You should mainly focus on the physical attraction you have toward them. If you find yourself not only enjoying the sex but also developing feelings of love, finding them funny, or wanting to spend more time with them, you’re making it more difficult for yourself unless you both are open to dating. 

  1. Avoid being friends with benefits. 

Having sex with one of your best friends is not the best idea. When you have a strong bond with your friend, it can be challenging to maintain the same dynamic once you start having sex. Tension might arise between you or even lead to a romantic relationship. 

  1. Know your self-worth. 

The perfect reason to engage in casual sex is because you desire it and enjoy it. However, if you enter into it to prove something to yourself or someone else, you’re on the wrong path. You may regret it later because it won’t bring you happiness. 

  1. Don’t cuddle. 

When you’re finished with sex, it doesn’t mean you should immediately kick your partner out the door, but cuddling after casual sex is not a good idea. This is something typically done in a genuine romantic relationship, not a sexual one. 

  1. Don’t introduce them to others. 

It’s not a good idea to introduce your casual lover to your friends, let alone your family. Doing so might lead to your friends finding them interesting and wanting to spend time with your casual lover as well. 

  1. Go naked! 

It’s about the sex, not the clothed activities. You’ll soon find yourself in risky territory if you engage in various activities while still dressed. Remember you are not dating the individual – keep it casual.  

  1. Don’t just think about yourself. 

Casual sex can only truly be casual when both parties want the same thing and are genuinely on board. It’s crucial, therefore, to not only think about yourself but also consider the other person’s desires. 

  1. Let loose. 

With casual sex, you can go all out because what do you have to lose? Try new positions, be a little adventurous, and most importantly, enjoy it. 

  1. Play it safe. 

During sex, it’s always important to practice safe sex unless you’re trying to conceive a child. With casual sex, it’s possible that your partner may have other partners, so it’s best to prioritise safety. 

  1. Be upfront and honest. 

Casual relationships are generally temporary unless, of course, they evolve into a committed relationship. During such a relationship, it’s essential to always remain honest. With the above 10 commandments, you can essentially avoid disappointing your casual lover. 

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