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An unhealthy mouth can lead to… 

By Sophia | 4 November 2023

The health of your mouth is incredibly important and can affect your overall health. Taking good care of your teeth can prevent multiple issues that will have a larger impact on you. We want to tell you everything about oral…

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Weekend migraine: what causes it? 

By Sophia | 21 October 2023

You’ve been looking forward to Saturday all week. The thought of sleeping in and perhaps treating yourself or enjoying a night out fills you with joy, but suddenly, your head doesn’t cooperate, and you get an extreme headache. Sound familiar?  …

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Why you should eat radishes more often 

By Sophia | 14 August 2023

Vegetables with strong flavours can add a refreshing twist to your salads and get you excited again about eating the good stuff. So, if you love radishes, you’re in luck! Eating radishes is great for your health, and if you…

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How to prevent afternoon slumps? 

By Sophia | 25 July 2023

You might be familiar with the typical afternoon slump. Around two o’clock, you feel like you can’t get anything done or you can’t focus – especially if you have indulged in a big lunch. Fortunately, there are several tips to…

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Understanding victim blaming: unravelling the complexities of human psychology 

By Sophia | 16 July 2023

When faced with an unfortunate incident, it is not uncommon for some individuals to engage in victim blaming, a phenomenon that involves attributing fault or responsibility to the person who has experienced harm. Victim blaming can occur in a variety…

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