Exercising makes you happier than money

It’s a simple fact that a good workout can leave you feeling energised and motivated. Whether you like running, cycling, boxing or something else, exercising can put you in a good mood, but did you know it makes you happier than money? In that case, that expensive gym membership is definitely worth every penny. 

The research 

 Before you put on your workout gear and rush out the door, let us explain exactly how it works. 

To investigate how much exercise contributes to your well-being, researchers from Yale and Oxford Universities conducted a large-scale study in 2020. Data was collected from approximately 1.2 million Americans. 

Mental and physical state 

The participants in the study were assessed on both their physical activity and their mental state. They were asked questions about their mental health, income, and physical activities. 

The research revealed that people who exercised regularly felt unhappy for only 35 days a year. On the other hand, those who do not engage in exercise feel unhappy for an average of 53 days a year. 

Happier than money 

But it was not just the number of happy days that were higher for those who exercised. The study also found that people who were frequently physically active felt just as good as those who were not physically active but earned an additional €22,000 per year compared to active individuals. 

Conclusion: You have to work much harder and earn more to be as happy as you would be from that daily hour of exercise. 

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