5 causes why you’re always thirsty 

Do you drink multiple large glasses of water daily but still feel thirsty? This could be due to a multitude of factors. We’ve listed 5 reasons that might be contributing to your constant thirst. 

Caused by diet 

Do you regularly add salt to your meals? If so, this could make you thirsty. Your body is largely composed of water containing all the salts and minerals it needs. These quantities need to remain in balance as much as possible. When you’ve had a bit too much salt, the levels get out of balance, and your brain signals that you’re thirsty. 

Result of diabetes 

People with diabetes often experience thirst. In diabetes, your blood sugar level is too high, preventing your kidneys from holding back all the glucose. Glucose attracts water, and your kidneys let a lot of fluid through, leading to frequent trips to the bathroom and increased thirst. 

Conn’s syndrome 

If you have this syndrome, your adrenal glands produce too much aldosterone. This results in your body producing extra salt and water. You may find yourself needing to use the bathroom frequently, leading to increased thirst. 

Side effects of medications 

Taking medications can always have side effects, and increased thirst can be one of them. This is especially true for medications such as antidepressants, certain Parkinson’s drugs, cancer treatments, and muscle relaxants. 

Having a dry mouth 

When you have a dry mouth, many people immediately associate it with being thirsty. However, having a dry mouth doesn’t necessarily mean you’re thirsty; it could also be a side effect of, for example, medication. 

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