Home fitness with the family

Transform your living space into a dedicated fitness haven with Fit at Home, Europe’s #1 sport app. Discover how a personalised home fitness hub not only accommodates the diverse needs of your family but also makes exercising a seamless and enjoyable part of your daily routine. Let’s explore how to turn your living room into a powerhouse of health and vitality.

Little girl doing a yoga lesson with Kids & Fun

Customising workouts for all ages

In the world of family fitness, one size certainly doesn’t fit all. Dive into Fit at Home’s vast array of customisable workouts, designed to cater to the unique needs of each family member. Whether it’s playful sessions for the little ones or more intense routines for the adults, find the perfect balance that keeps everyone engaged and actively participating in their fitness journey.

Family unity through challenges and goals

Revitalise your family’s fitness journey with Fit at Home’s challenges and goals feature. Set achievable targets for each family member, turning exercise into a collective adventure. Track progress, celebrate achievements, and watch as the bonds between family members strengthen through shared victories in conquering fitness milestones together.

Fun-infused fitness

Bid farewell to monotonous workouts with Fit at Home’s infusion of fun into your family’s fitness routine. The app turns exercise into interactive experiences with gamified workouts, challenges, and engaging activities. Witness the joy that comes with making fitness a shared, enjoyable activity for the entire family, proving that staying fit can be a delightful and bonding experience.

Consistency simplified

Consistency is the key to a successful fitness journey, and Fit at Home understands that. The app empowers you to create personalised workout schedules that seamlessly align with your family’s daily life. Whether it’s a morning energiser or an evening wind-down, Fit at Home ensures that integrating workouts into your family’s routine becomes effortless, allowing you to maintain a consistent and sustainable fitness practice.


In conclusion, Fit at Home emerges not merely as a sports app but as a transformative lifestyle companion, guiding your family towards enhanced wellness. By creating a home fitness hub, customising workouts for all ages, embracing challenges, infusing fun into routines, and maintaining consistency with personalised schedules, you’re ensuring a holistic fitness revolution for every member of your family. Dive into the immersive world of Fit at Home, where fitness isn’t just a routine – it’s a shared adventure. Start your journey today and witness the powerful impact of Fit at Home on your family’s health and happiness.

Start your journey

With Fit at Home you never have to go to the gym to do a workout ever again! Do you want to lose weight or work on your cardio? It’s possible from the comfort of your own home! The Fit at Home app is available 24/7 on-demand. You can use the app on your SMART tv (Samsung, LG, Philips) or via your television provider (Sky & Virgin). Of course you can also use Fit at Home online on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

Transform your TV into your personal gym!