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Kids & Fun

Dan Cooke

Let's get moving with Dancing Dan! Will you choose a dance class, a yoga class or do you prefer a total body work-out? Kids & Fun offers classes for kids aged 6 to 12 to enjoy. Always make sure there is a responsible adult present when you do your workout. Are you ready to have some fun?! These workouts have a duration of 20 minutes.
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"Get sweaty but don’t sweat about it, have fun and enjoy what your body can do!"

Specialism: Kids & Fun
Philosophy: Work to your max, whatever that is today 
Why are you a trainer at Fit at Home: I’m so excited to be a Fit at Home Trainer! I can’t wait to help you on your fitness journey in a fun, energetic (and sweaty) way! I’m here to keep you moving and celebrate what your body can do every step of the way.
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