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Welcome to Fit at Home! Turn your TV into your own personal Gym. With over 500 workouts for the whole family, the Fit at Home tv app transforms your living room into a body pumping fitness room, a relaxing yoga class or a serene meditation area. Our professional trainers will help you and your family to become the fittest, healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

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Work out in front of your tv whenever you want
24/7 on-demand with more than 500 workouts
Text message service so you never forget your workout!
For the whole family

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Pair your TV

Virgin media:

1. Open the Fit at Home app on your Set Top Box, go to my account and click pair TV
2. Go to the website, go to my account and fill in the pairing code you see on your TV

Smart TV:

1. Open the app on your smart tv
2. Go to the website, go to my account and fill in the pairing code you see on your TV

Click here to read more about Google Chrome to stream your workout via Chromecast.


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If you have any questions, please contact us: customerservice@fitathome.com.

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