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Back on track, the whole family fit!

Are you also juggling all the responsibilities for your family and as a result, exercising often takes a back seat? Then Fit at Home is truly something for you! You no longer need to go to the gym to stay fit. Transform your TV into your own yoga studio, fitnessclub, or meditation area with over 500 workouts for the entire family.

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We love to make you move!

Work out in front of your tv whenever you want
24/7 on-demand with more than 500 workouts
Text message service so you never forget your workout!
For the whole family

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For the whole family! 

Fit at Home offers a platform for the entire family. From Kids & Fun workouts to Pilates, and from dumbbell to pregnancy workouts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Fit at Home provides you with all the tools you need at home to become the fittest version of yourself. Break a sweat with our workouts or relax with the serene meditation videos.  

Fit at Home is available on demand through the app on Virgin Media, Samsung, LG, and Philips. It can also be used on your devices via your webbrowser, so you can exercise wherever and whenever you want.  

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Do you need extra motivation? Our SMS notifacation service is the answer!

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Who said healthy food couldn’t be fun? You’ll find 60 delicious and healthy recipes in our Food Guides. All to make you feel good and energised. 

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We love to make you move!  

Physical activity is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. We all know this, but sometimes we still struggle to make it a priority. Regular exercise improves cardiovascular health, strengthens muscles and bones, and increases flexibility. Additionally, staying active aids in maintaining a healthy weight and preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. It also stimulates brain function, enhancing memory and concentration. 

In short, physical activity is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. By incorporating regular movement, we can keep our body and mind in balance and enjoy a higher quality of life. So let’s get moving and experience the benefits that exercise has to offer! 

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