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Sports & Physio 

Fit at Home has joined forces with top sports physiotherapists Ronald Vermeer and Travis Metten to develop a program where everyone can go to, to improve the recovery process from injuries and minimise the risk of future problems: Sports & Physio. 

Sports & Physio offers special workouts for injuries that occur in seven popular European sports: soccer, hockey, tennis, padel, running, cycling, and golf. 

Overview of the injury categories per sport:

Soccer: Hamstring, Knee, Ankle, Groin/Hip                  Padel: Knee, Calf, Elbow/Wrist, Shoulder

Cycling:Back, Elbow/Wrist, Shoulder, Knee                   Running: Knee, Back, Groin/Hip, Calf 

Tennis: Calf, Knee, Shoulder, Elbow/Wrist                      Golf: Back, Elbow/Wrist, Shoulder, Knee    

 Hockey: Knee, Hip, Back, Elbow/Wrist                                                                                                     

Choose the right level for you! 

For each injury, there are 3 levels. 

Level 1: For beginners or as a starting point after an injury.
Level 2: As a continuation of level 1 or if you are a regular exerciser.
Level 3: As a continuation of level 2 and to be maximally challenged. 

We recommend to always do the warming up and cooling down.
Always consult your physiotherapist before starting Sports & Physio. After an injury, always start with level 1; this is essential for the recovery process.

Join us! Prices starting from 10,- a month!