Lose weight with Fit at Home tip 2

Volume Food

This may sound strange so let me explain. In this context, volume is the number of calories relative to the weight of the food. By volume of food we mean voluminous products that only have a few calories per 3.5 oz.

For example, carrots have 35 calories per 3.5 oz (volume of food) and Nutella has 530 calories per 3.5 oz (no volume of food). That doesn’t make one product better or worse than another. But products with volume of food are very useful for fighting hunger while you are losing weight without taking in too many calories.

So if you eat 3.5 oz of Nutella, that’s 530 calories. If you want to get the same amount of calories with carrots, that’s more than 53 oz! Well, I don’t advise you to eat 53 oz of carrots in one go, but you get my point. Volume of food fills your stomach and is therefore an important weapon against hunger in a weight loss process and in a healthy lifestyle.

We would like to create food and calorie awareness. That is why it is important to look at the product labels and read the nutritional table. Look at how many calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates are in your favourite products. Identify the things you like that fall into this category.

Here are some practical examples from everyday life about how you can eat more volume:

1st example:

3.5 oz of lean ground beef has about 190 calories.
7 oz of cod has about 180 calories.
7 oz of chicken breast has about 200 calories.

Cod and chicken fillet therefore have almost twice as much volume as lean minced meat. That means you can save half your calories if you eat the same portion. or you can eat twice as much!

2nd example:

A bucket of snack cucumbers of 14 oz contains 56 calories.

Sometimes people just want to nibble on something. They’re not really hungry, maybe a little hungry. Regardless of whether that is a good idea, you can make smart choices. Not every snack is the same. As you can see, you can eat 56 oz of cucumber for 1 Mars. So if you want to lose weight, snacking on cucumber, and most vegetables, is a very good idea.

With your efforts & our help you will certainly succeed in losing those few kilos within 8 weeks.
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