Cardio and nutrition

A big part of getting in shape is eating healthy. By exercising more, you burn more calories. And by making your diet healthier, you also help this process. Also, you get all the good nutrients your body needs. It’s also a sustainable solution: you will stay at a healthy weight longer. Even if you can exercise less – due to an injury, for example.

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Eating extra protein in combination with working out ensures a better recovery and strengthening of your muscles. Therefore, protein-rich diet will give you a better result when you work out. More proteins are converted into muscles if you eat protein-rich food immediately after your workout.
As an athlete, you need sufficient carbohydrates in addition to the necessary proteins and fats. By eating carbohydrates you maintain your glycogen levels. This allows you to exercise for a longer period of time without getting lightheaded. Usually, getting lightheaded is a sign that your glycogen levels are getting low. If you are very active, you need more carbohydrates. This mainly applies to people who, for example, train for a marathon and run several hours every week. If you have a healthy and balanced diet you’ll get all the necessary nutrients you’ll need.

What is a healthy and balanced diet?

  • Eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. You can eat as many vegetables as you’d like, but try to eat two fruits a day.
  • Eat whole grain, like brown rice, whole-weat pasta and whole-weat bread.
  • Eat less meat and more plants. Also vary with fish, nuts, eggs and legumes.
  • Eat and drink enough skim or half and half milk, yoghurt and cheese
  • Use healthy oils, like olive oil, to bake in
  • Hydrate, drink enough water or plain tea.

With your devotion and our help, you will get in shape in 8 weeks!
Good luck!