Regularity: the need for order and structure

Regularity: the need for order and structure
Order and structure are basic human needs. The level of these needs vary per person. Both physically and mentally. Physically it is about the rhythm of life and mentally it is mainly about keeping an overview.

Individual need

Order and structure contribute to the need for certainty and clarity. We know what to expect. There is a certain regularity. Situations and rules are clear and it contributes to a certain degree of trust.

 Biorhythm and natural regularity

A person also needs a physical rhythm (biorhythm). This refers to a natural rhythm of life and a natural regularity. Daily, weekly, monthly. Going to bed and getting out of bed at regular intervals contributes to a regular life. This also applies to eating and drinking, but also to exercising at fixed times.

Fit at Home is available on demand. You can do your workout whenever suits you, but it’s better to do your workouts according to a fixed schedule. Try to plan your workouts at fixed dates and times during the week and plan everything else around these workouts. You’ll notice that it quickly becomes a habit and you’ll get excited to work out. Of course it’s not a problem when an emergency occurs to reschedule your workout. That’s why our on demand workout platform is so convenient!  

Personal Trainer Anna:

“Of course I’m staying in shape by teaching my classes each week. But when I do a workout myself I like a workout in which the focus is on training my whole body with high intensity. High intensity workouts are great for getting and staying in shape!” 

With your devotion and our help, you will get in shape in 8 weeks!
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