Weight training and cardio

You want to work on your fitness. Weight training may not be the first thing you think of, but it’s actually very important. We’ll explain to you how that works.

What does working on your fitness mean?

Most importantly, improving your fitness doesn’t mean you just have to work on your stamina. Condition is not the same as stamina. But your stamina is part of how fit you are. How fit you are says something about your physical performance. It is the result of strength, endurance, speed, mobility and coordination. With a good basic stamina, your body will be able to perform longer. This helps you to achieve better performance in almost any sport and makes your everyday life a lot easier.

Combine cardio and weight training

Your improved fitness is of little use if your body does not have the strength to do something with it. So try to alternate your fitness training with weight training, where you have to put your muscles to work through resistance. Try to use dumbells, dynabands and kettlebells. Changing between cardio and weight training is not only good for your body, but also decreases the risk of injury because your muscles can handle more. Therefore, the attributes needed in the Fit at Home workouts vary a lot.

Personal Trainer Lewis: 

“Don’t be so hard on yourself. Working out is a process. Some days you won’t want to and that’s ok. As long as you show up and do something you’ll be better off. Also, don’t forget to smile.”

With your devotion and our help, you will get in shape in 8 weeks!
Good luck!