Every body is unique, so listen to it!

You selected that your focus area is to get in shape. You received a workout schedule in e-mail #1. This week we will take it to the next step.

When you have worked out for a few weeks you’ll notice that you’ll prefer some workouts over others. Some workouts will suit you more and you’ll be doing these workouts more easily. Be proud of that! Don’t set the bar too high. Because chances are you’ll quit. It’s better to consistently work out twice a week, than to be disappointed because you could not work out 5 times that week. That will just make you unmotivated. Try to build up and start easy. Your body also has to get used to the performance it has to give. Listen to your own body and mind. Do what makes you feel good. Because at the end of the day, it’s only about you.

Here are some additional benefits of getting in shape to get you extra motivated:

  • The extent to which someone is in shape determines how fit someone is. Overall, someone who is in shape is healthier than someone who is not.
  • Your body recovers more quickly after an exercise.
  • Your immune system will become stronger when your working on your cardio. Exercising puts your body under a lot of stress, but cardio will make your body stronger. As a result, your body will recover more quickly from viruses such as the flu. Exercising also improves your blood circulation causing you to detect a flu quicker.
  • It lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. By exercising and getting in shape, you train your heart muscle. Your heart muscle carries oxygen to all parts of the body. So when your heart muscle is stronger, more oxygen can be moved. This allows your body to function better, your blood pressure drops and your cholesterol level improves.
  • It increases your stress resistance. Your cardiac function improves and this results in you better coping with stress.

Personal Trainer Taylor:

“Remember to keep things fun! Have fun with my workout, working out doesn’t always to be so serious. If you have fun and enjoy the process a little bit more, it will change your whole experience with training and getting you into shape!”

With your devotion and our help, you will get in shape in 8 weeks!

Good luck!