How to get in shape?

The extent in which you are in shape depends on five qualities: flexibility, (muscle) power, coordination, speed and endurance. The more these five qualities are developed, the more in shape you are.  

Being in shape has also to do with the condition of your heart and lungs. When both are functioning as they should, they’ll take in more oxygen. That oxygen then comes in your blood and is transported to your muscles. This will make your muscles be better able to sustain a certain exercise without you getting exhausted.

Work out with a schedule

The best thing to do to get in shape is to work out with a schedule. This schedule tells you exactly how many times a week you have to do which workout. We’ve created a schedule for you, based on beginners. If you already have more experience with (home) workouts, please feel free to increase the intensity of the schedule.

Personal Trainer Lewis:

“I do Yoga & Pilates every morning. It’s how I start my day. Additionally, I weight train three times a week and run long distance twice a week. For me, being healthy is a lifestyle not a chore. I always prioritize and make time for my well being. “

With your devotion and our help, you will get in shape in 8 weeks!

Good luck!