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Dumbbells vs barbells for strength

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The difference between a barbell and a dumbbell

Dumbbells and barbells are the two most commonly used tools for fitness, but it is often difficult to decide which one to use for an exercise. Also, almost all of the exercises that can be done with barbells can also be done with dumbbells. The type of free weights that are best used differs per muscle group. For example, according to science, shoulders and chest are best trained with dumbbells. Or try our dumbbell HIIT workout.

 If you train for strength, for example, barbells are the best choice. This is because you can train with more weight and therefore heavier over time. In addition, applying overload is easier. Of course, this will be less relevant for a beginner. It is better for a beginner to train with lighter weights and with the right technique. That is why a combination of both dumbbells and barbells is the best option for a beginner. 

The difference between dumbbell training and barbell training

Training with a barbell offers several advantages, but that does not mean that you have to ignore dumbbells. Strength training with dumbbells also has its advantages. The main advantage of dumbbells is that they cause a higher muscle activation in some cases. This is probably because you have a slightly greater range of motion. This is because you move the dumbbells in a more natural trajectory that suits your body structure. Another important advantage of dumbbells is that you always train in balance. This means that your ‘strong’ side cannot compensate for your ‘weak’ side. This can happen when you train with a barbell. 

How to know what dumbbell weight to use?

How to know what dumbbell weight to use? This is an important question. When you start using dumbbells or barbells, it is always important that you don’t use weights that are too heavy. This can lead to injuries or worse.  Beginners start with dumbbells of 2 – 4 kg, depending on the exercise. Advanced users choose dumbbells of 5-8 kg. With long dumbbells, beginners start with 10-20 kg, depending on the exercise. Advanced users can choose considerably higher weights, depending on the exercise. The weight of the barbell for men is 20 kg. The bar has a diameter of 28 mm and the length is 220 cm. The weight of the barbell for the ladies is 15 kg, the diameter is 25 mm, and the length is 201 cm

Get Fit at Home!

Now that you know enough about how to use dumbbells and barbells, it’s time to start getting fit at home! Choose from our more than 1000 workouts and find the one that suits you best. For example the online ab workout, or bodyweight workout.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  

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