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30 minute dumbbell HIIT workout

With a 30-minute dumbbell HIIT workout, you will have completed your sports activities for the day within 30 minutes. The dumbbell HIIT workout is also an intensive workout that will help you reach your sporting goals quickly. 30 minutes in which you normally drive to the gym and have to change clothes. 

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30 minutes dumbbell HIIT workouts!

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What is a HITT workout? 

HIIT is a strenuous form of training lasting 20 to 60 minutes, in which you alternate very intense efforts with breaks of a few seconds to a few minutes. Usually, people do a HIIT twice a week. You can apply this form of training to all kinds of exercise, such as running, cycling, strength training, swimming, climbing stairs, etc. It is also possible to mix different sports with each other. Mixing different sports into one HIIT is also common. A dumbbell HIIT workout for fat loss is also a reason why you can use this form of training.

In many kinds of sports, HIIT training has been on the programme for years. Because the intervals are so intensive, the total training stimulus of a HIIT session is greater than that of an endurance training session.


Full body HIIT dumbbell workout

A HIIT workout is in itself a form of training that is very intense. You burn a lot of calories in a short time and will quickly see results in the form of losing weight and improving your condition. Because you mainly use your bodyweight during this kind of training, you can also see it as a bodyweight workout. Do you want to focus more on muscle building, for example a HIIT dumbbell arm workout? Then you can choose to use dumbbells during your workout.

If you want to build muscle with dumbbells, it is better to buy a couple of separate dumbbell rods that you can hang weights (discs) on. The longer you train at home, the more weight you can handle. Having dumbbells of which you can change the weight is more practical than having dumbbells in one piece with a predetermined weight. Make sure that you always have a good posture when training with dumbbells. This way, you will prevent injuries.

Dumbbell HIIT workout for fat loss

Perhaps one of the most versatile training materials is the dumbbell. It is an effective form of training, and (perhaps even more importantly) you can train easily from home. You can train with dumbbells if you want to build muscle mass or strength, but also to lose weight!

Besides that, your fat burning gets an enormous boost from the HIIT training. This keeps your body running at high speed for longer than after a running session. The more intense the HIIT, the more effective the afterburn will be. Afterburn means that your body continues to burn fat after exercise, even though you are at rest. In addition, the HIIT workout is also one of the most effective ways to lose weight. So you can imagine that a combination of these two will make you lose fat quickly.

Get fit in 30 minutes with Fit at Home!

Now that you know the effects of a 30 minute dumbbell HIIT workout, it’s time to get started! Choose from over 1000 fit at home videos and discover your favourites. For example the online ab workout. Do you have any questions about the training courses or our services? We will be happy to answer them!

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