Rewards system (coming soon)

A healthy lifestyle needs to get rewarded! Therefore you are now able to earn Fit at Home points which you can exchange for various gifts. You can create your own weekly goal in my account. Whenever you achieve your goal, you’ll get rewarded with 1 Fit at Home point. Each week you can earn 1 point.

You’ll find an overview of all the points you’ve earned in my account. Also, you’ll see how far you are in achieving your goal that week.


Check out ‘History’ to see when you’ve earned your Fit at Home points, when you’ve redeemed them and how many points remained after that.

My rewards

In ‘Rewards’ you see an overview of all the rewards you’ve claimed, specified with the date, how many points it has cost and your unique vouchercode with which you can order your reward in the Fit Shop.

Available rewards

Check out ‘Available rewards’ for all the available rewards. In this section you can redeem the reward of choice. When you have enough points to redeem a reward you’ll see that “not enough points” changes to “claim this reward”. See the pictures below. You do not have to redeem a reward right away. You can also collect more points for a bigger reward.

If you gave enough points to redeem a reward simply click redeem this reward. You’ll be asked to confirm this action. Click ok. After confirming, you’ll find your unique vouchercode in My rewards. Copy the vouchercode to use in the Fit Shop to order your reward.


Fit at Home believes that if you have the right BMI (Body Mass Index), you’re fit & healthy. You feel good and look good! Calculate your BMI here. Is your BMI too high? Don't worry, get started with our personal trainers to reach a healthy BMI!
Your calculated BMI is:


You are underweight. This could be a health risk. Stay active and pay attention to your nutrition. We also advise you to contact your doctor.

Healthy weight

You have a healthy weight. Keep moving and do a Yoga class with the Fit at Home Personal trainers. Flexibility is good for a healthy body!


You are overweight. This means an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Get moving! Your BMI will become lower when you workout with the Fit at Home Personal Trainers 3x a week!