Get in shape with Fit at Home in 8 weeks

You’ve selected that your focus area is to get in shape. Good choice! Because there are a lot of health benefits when you’re in shape. It will make you stronger and more flexible. Your body will also recover itself more quickly after a workout and your immune system will improve. On top of that being in shape will also  make you more resistant to stress.

The coming eight weeks you’ll receive weekly e-mails from the personal trainers with tips and tricks how to get in shape. The following topics are covered:

Trainer Samantha

– Work out schedule

 – Where do I start?

 – Work/rest balance is key

 – How to prevent injuries

 – Weight training and cardio

 – After your holiday..

 – Regularity

 – Age

 – Food

With your devotion and our help, you’ll get in shape in 8 weeks!

Good Luck!