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Fitness Affiliate Program

Make easy money online with our health and fitness affiliate program.

Would you like to make some easy income online?

With my affiliate program, I'll give you a 75% commission for every visitor you refer that buys a copy of my Spartan Fitness and Health Program.

I say easy income because my website converts very well because it's a small investment to pay of only $37 to build a perfect body. But more importantly, the program is honestly great fitness & nutrition information and a steal at $37.

But why would I give you a 75% commission? Because if you refer people to my website, and they buy, you are helping me build my customer database...and for this, I’m willing to give you such a high commission. runs my affiliate program. They are THE leader in the eBook selling and buying market...and they pay you every 2 weeks like clock work!

Step One

To start earning your commissions, you need to sign up with

To get a free account, visit here (it takes just 2 minutes):

Make note of the ClickBank ID you choose because you'll need this next...they call it your Account Nickname.

Step Two

Once you have a ClickBank account and ID, refer people to the following URL:

So if you chose "tester" as your ClickBank ID, your affiliate URL would be:

Double check that your affiliate link, including your Clickbank ID, is spelled right because if it‘s wrong, you won‘t receive your commission!

If people buy this report through your affiliate URL above, you get $27 (minus minimal ClickBank fees) directly deposited into your ClickBank account.

Step Three

If you want to make the URL shorter and more attractive, head over to and put the URL above in the box that says “Enter a long URL to make tiny”. It will give you a new URL to promote that is shorter and more attractive.

An even better option is to head over to and register a domain name for only $9. You can then have the domain name redirect to your affiliate link above. So you'd register a domain like (not sure if this is available) that would contain a review and your affiliate link. For only $9, this is a VERY smart move.

Step Four

The last piece of the puzzle is how to refer people to your affiliate link so you can start earning some money.

You have several marketing options, here are some ideas:

1. Participating in health & fitness forums - this is a free marketing method that will give your affiliate link some targeted exposure. In a nutshell, most forums let you have a signature that appears after every post you make...and this is where you advertise your affiliate link.

The important thing is NOT to blatantly just post to advertise your signature...this doesn't work and will get you banned from the forums. Give solid advice or feedback within the forum and your signature will naturally get targeted exposure.

Here are three health & fitness forums that let you promote links within your signature (this could obviously change at any point):

2. Start a blog on - this is another free marketing's takes more time and effort to get results, but the method tends to be a better long term tactic. You start a blog and update it regularly with fresh content...and throughout the blog, you promote your affiliate link.

3. Write and distribute articles - this is an excellent semi-free marketing method that will give your affiliate link targeted exposure. In a nutshell, you write & distribute unique articles and promote your affiliate link in the 'About the Author' box.

Bonus Material - here is an ad and promotional graphic to use on your website or blog.

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The Spartan Fitness and Health Program

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Learn revolutionary workout and nutrition secrets that give super strength, pack on muscle, melt off fat and give you the conditioning of an Olympic athelte.

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Book Cover Graphic

So that's it - just send people to this website through your affiliate link, and if they buy the programt, you get $27 per copy. If you refer only 4 buyers per month, that's an extra $100 per month in your pocket. Not bad, right?

That's a cell phone and cable bill…or gas for your car...or money to go out to get the idea!

And I'm constantly trying to increase the conversion rate of this website...which means more money for you!

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